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I heard the Juceam /Duetch gang of scammers changed the name of their company again? and moved to LA? Is that legal? Scott Juceam seems to be operating the scams under his name because everyone knows the Deutch name as being a thief. I guess LA is far enough away from Sacremento so they wont have to worry about running into too many of their victims in a new town. Roni got sued for 34 MILLION? Then I heard she settle for a few million all... Read more

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Hopefully Scott Juceam and his family are closed down for good now. Innocent people got screwed by the operations of this *** family. Just check for yourself- Scott Juceam was the crook roni deutches brother!!!!!! Look for the other brother Russell Deutch that was kept under cover at OMG tax and the Juceam Group. California appears to want to guard the *** and *** groups from the rest of the world. The whole Deutch family should have gone to... Read more

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Scott Juceam, Roni Deucthes BROTHER opened up the Juceam Group and then OMG Tax because he lost his job at the Roni Detuchbags Law Firm when the law enforcement shut her down. Roni Deutch was charged with stealing MILLIONS from consumers so the Deutch family just changed their name to OMG Tax! Dirty BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott Juceam is the illegitimate brother of scambag Roni Deutch. The whole family belongs in jail. Scott Juceam even... Read more

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How could Roni Duechbages half brother be allowed to operate ANY tax firm? He changes the names of new firms and tries to intimidate anyone who speaks the truth about his tenure at the rip off firm of his sister RONI LYNN DEUTCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefulyl the plea bargain of Roni Deutchbag will put her family out of the tax business for good Innocent people need protection from this trash. For good Lets see if scottie boy Jucaem tries to stop me... Read more

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You should be in jail. Roni Deutch and her whole family are evil scammers. You can file an offer in compromise yourself with the IRS. It takes no time at all and you don't have to pay some crook d bag on top of everything else! Read more

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Free speech telling the truth and opinions are allowed in this country, Scottieboy::: Scott Juceam worked for his sister, Roni Deutch, at the now shut down Law Firm for over 10 Years!! He left while Duetchbag was under investigation and started 'The Juceam Group' all the while receiving valuable assistance from his SISTER RONI DEUTCH- he then brought on his and Ronis brother, Russel Duetch, then he changed the name to 'OMG Tax'. Filing a... Read more

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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Scott Juceam and Funtax, Inc. dba OMG Tax (collectively “Plaintiffs”) have initiated a civil action in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, Case No. PC055913, for damages sustained as a result of the intentionally false statements made by you (the "Action"), the anonymous poster. In the Action, Plaintiffs seek to subpoena the records of Opinion Corp., dba, in an effort to ascertain... Read more

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OMG TAX was never a subsidiary or branch of the Law Office of Roni Deutch. This is clearly defamatory and not written in good faith. We have never received a request from any client for a refund related to an Offer In Compromise. If this statement is true then we would be happy to present an offer to the IRS for you at no cost. The owners of OMG TAX are not related to Roni Deutch and have nothing to do with that company that is not operating any... Read more

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I am sitting in their office now! They are friendly, cost effective and always available for my calls. They filed past due tax returns that the Government filed without my permission and saved me thousands of dollars. When i hired them i already knew they had tons of knowledge. OMGTAX is not like their competition . They are the real deal. Scott and his Team of enrolled agents are fantastic. When people write statements its pretty clear if their... Read more

It saddens me that such hatred is out there and that you have taken the time to attempt to discredit my business for something that I have had nothing to do with. My business has nothing to do with that law firm and I have separated my relationship with that company because of the choices the company made several years ago. I indeed worked for that company as an employee like hundreds of others in the years that they were operating. I worked... Read more

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